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Liles Parker Receives a Nice “Shout-Out” in the Wall Street Journal in Connection with its Health Care Work

July 2, 2013 by  
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Nice "Shout Out" for Liles Parker in the Wall Street Journal

(July 2, 2013): In late June, the Wall Street Journal published an interesting article on the impact of Health Care Reform on the legal job market.  Titled – Want a Law Job? Learn the Health-Care Act,” the article discussed the increased regulatory responsibilities faced by health care providers due to the passage of the Affordable Care Act.  As the Wall Street Journal article stated:

“Even companies with robust in-house law departments are increasingly calling on outside lawyers who specialize in the most arcane corners of health-care law.”

It all adds up to big business for lawyers. Last year corporate clients spent $5.72 billion on legal advice for regulatory matters, including health care, and the market is projected to grow to $6 billion this year, according to a recent survey of corporate legal spending . . . 

. . . Some major law firms do have substantial health-care practices aimed at capturing lucrative work on key antitrust cases or major transactions. But cost-conscious clients often direct much of their legal work to more affordable lawyers from regional firms with lower overhead.

That is good news for attorneys such as Les Johnson, a partner at Liles Parker PLLC, a 17-lawyer boutique based in Washington, D.C. A self-described “Regulations Dork,” Mr. Johnson works out of the firm’s Baton Rouge, La., office. He started out representing small clinics and nursing homes, then developed a specialty in Medicare appeals that earned him a national client base.

“The more they tinker with the federal regulations, the more work we have,” said Mr. Johnson.”  (Wall Street Journal, June 17, 2013).

As the provisions of the Affordable Care Act are implemented, the need for “Regulations Dorks” like Les Johnson, Jennifer Papapanagiotou, Robert W. Liles and Michael H. Cook (along with the rest of Liles Parker’s dedicated cadre of health lawyers), will continue to increase. Liles Parker represents a wide range of health care providers around the country, including, but not limited to:

  • Nursing Homes.
  • Assisted Living Facilities.
  • Solo Physician Practices.
  • Group Physician Practices.
  • Pain Management Practices.
  • Home Health Agencies.
  • Hospices.
  • DME Companies.
  • Physical Therapy Practices.
  • Chiropractors.
  • Podiatrists.
  • Third-Party Billing Companies
  • Dentists.

Our senior attorneys have decades of experience advising clients on:

  • Responding to Zone Program Integrity Contractor (ZPIC) actions, such as:
    • Pre-Payments Audits.
    • Post-Payment Audits.
    • Unannounced Audits.
    • Suspension Actions.
    • Revocation Actions.
    • Referrals to Law Enforcement.
  • Responding to Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) actions.
  • Transactional Matters.
  • Federal and State Anti-Kickback Statutes.
  • Prohibitions Against Improper Self-Referrals (Stark).
  • False Claims Act Actions.
  • Exclusion Actions.
  • Screening Responsibilities.
  • Responding to Medicare Suspension or Revocation Actions.
  • Voluntary Disclosure Actions.
  • Screening and Compliance issues. 

Moreover, as the Wall Street Journal suggests, Liles Parker’s overhead is kept at a minimum, thereby permitting us to keep our legal services reasonably-priced and affordable for solo practitioners and large provider groups alike..

Need assistance?  Call Liles Parker Managing Partner, Robert W. Liles He would be happy to discuss your health law or regulatory issue at no charge and you can determine if our firm is the right firm to address your needs.  Please call:  1 (800) 475-1906.


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