Health Care Law Representation

Health Care Law Representation:

Liles Parker attorneys have decades of experience practicing health care law.  Several of our attorneys served as Federal prosecutors and held significant positions at the U.S. Department of Justice.  Our health care transactional and regulatory attorneys have the knowledge and counseling skills necessary to efficiently resolve your health care business issues at the lowest possible level, before they escalate into a more significant problem.  Areas of practice include, but are not limited to:

Claims Audits by UPIC, MAC, CERT and SMRC Contractors:

Private Payor Claims Audits:

Administrative Adverse Actions Against Health Care Providers and Suppliers:

DOJ Investigations and Prosecutions:

OIG Audits, Investigations and Exclusion Actions:

HIPAA Privacy and OSHA Compliance, Audits and Investigations:

State Licensure Board Disciplinary Actions:

NATIONWIDE REPRESENTATION   Call: 1 (800) 475-1906.

Liles Parker attorneys are both seasoned health care lawyers AND have undergone special training and education so that they could become Certified Professional Coders (CPCs), Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialists (CMRSs) and / or Certified Medical Compliance Officers (CMCOs). We handle a full range of health law matters and cases.  Questions?  For a free consultation, give us a call.  We can be reached at:  1 (800) 475-1906.

Liles Parker Attorneys Practice Health Care Law Nationwide. 1 (800) 475-1906