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OSHA Requirements and Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an agency of the United States Department of Labor. Its purpose is to assure safe and healthy working conditions for all U.S. workers by setting and enforcing standards and by providing education, training, outreach, and assistance. OSHA creates standards and guidelines that apply to every workplace in the country, including medical offices. Physicians and staff should regularly receive training and review office policies and procedures to ensure that they comply with all required federal regulations, including those OSHA sets forth.

For physicians, whether certain protocols and procedures apply to them will depend on their practice type and who they serve. However, there are certain OSHA requirements that will apply to any medical office. The standards cited most frequently in physician office inspections are bloodborne pathogens and hazard communication. Less frequently cited standards are sanitation, mean of egress, personal protective equipment, respiratory protection, and medical services and first aid.

Physicians must review (or create) policies and procedures to assure compliance with all OSHA standards as well as compliance with other certification and licensing bodies. 

OSHA regulations must be implemented in every physician’s office. OSHA may perform random compliance audits, and the fines for willful negligence are steep. Physicians need to ensure that their practices comply with all OSHA standards in addition to maintaining an OSHA manual, poster, and all other required documentation.

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