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“Mock” Audits of Claims and Services

A successful compliance review initiative begins with an ongoing evaluation process. Compliance Officers must look critically at their organizations. The evaluation process we employ is two-pronged—not only should the provider’s policies and procedures be evaluated to ensure accuracy and relevance, but the actual practices derived from those policies and procedures must also be considered. Are employees properly carrying out their compliance duties and responsibilities?

Recurring and regular internal audits will give a provider an ongoing opportunity to assess statutory and regulatory compliance.   Prior to conducting a self-audit, providers should discuss the review with their health attorney to better ensure that the audit is properly handled.

Liles Parker attorneys and staff have extensive experience with internal audits and are able to conduct “mock” audits in additions to helping providers establish successful internal procedures. If you have questions or would like our experienced attorneys to conduct a “mock” audit of your practice, give us a call today: 1 (800) 475-1906.