City Attorney Leonard Schneider, J.D., Wins Pivotal Lawsuit on Behalf of the City of Huntsville, TX

Leonard Schneider, J.D. has won a pivotal case on behalf of the City of Huntsville

(October 29, 2010): Leonard Schneider, J.D., serving as outside legal counsel and "City Attorney" for the City of Huntsville, Texas, has been successful in obtaining jury verdict on October 22, 2010 against Huntsville-Walker Chamber of Commerce for breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract in the administration and management of Hotel Occupancy Tax Funds.  After a two-week trial, a Leon County jury returned a verdict against the Chamber and former President of the Chamber in the amount of $324,578.00 for breach of fiduciary duty and the same amount against the Chamber individually for breach of contract along with $125,000.00 in attorney fees.  The City of Huntsville, Texas asserted the Chamber and its leadership failed to adequately account for expenditures of HOT Funds, improperly used HOT funds, and failed to notify the City of HOT funds that were left over after each budget year.   Schneider was assisted by local counsel,  Bennie Rush of Walker County and of Counsel to Liles Parker,  Anastasia Cunningham-Thomas.

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