Health Law Articles

An Overview of Administrative Rheumatology Audits / Adverse Actions AND Civil / Criminal Enforcement Actions

(May 20, 2018):  It’s been a rough week for at least one Texas rheumatologist. ... 

Expect an Increase in Audits of Chiropractic Services!

(April 16, 2018): Chiropractors around the country are again finding their... 

CBRs for Spinal Orthoses (CBR201803): What Do You Need to Know?

(April 12, 2018): The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) utilizes... 

ZPIC Audits / UPIC Audits: The Impact of Transmittal 768 on the Medicare Appeals Process Timeline.

(April 12, 2018): A big concern with the Medicare appeals process is the ghastly... 

Medicare Advantage Plans May Soon Offer Personal Care Services

(April 10, 2018):  On April 2, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)... 

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Dental Law Articles

Dental Claims Audits are on the Rise

Both Medicaid and private payor dental claims audits are increasing around... 

Dental Fraud: Dentist Faces 3,974 Years in Prison if Convicted!

(November 30, 2017):  Earlier this year, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced... 

Medicaid Dental Audits of IV Sedation Services

(June 16, 2017):  Under the Social Security Act, states are required to operate... 

Delta Dental Audits are Ongoing Around the Country. Are You Prepared?

(May 15, 2017):  Over the last decade, both state and federal law enforcement... 

Medicaid Dentist Eligibility Audits are Ongoing Around the Country

(January 9, 2017):  A recent report of the New York State agency that administers... 

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False Claims Act Articles

False Claims Act Penalties Have Almost Doubled!

(June 21, 2017):  Over the last year, the False Claims Act penalties have almost... [Read more of this review]

False Claim Act Whistleblower Cases Are Rising

(March 3, 2015): The federal False Claims Act (FCA), 31 U.S.C. §§ 3729 –... [Read more of this review]

Record FCA Recoveries Were Collected by the Government in 2012.

(February 12, 2013):  The civil False Claims Act is the primary civil enforcement... [Read more of this review]

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Regulatory Issues | Privacy

Sexual Harassment: Cases Against Texas Physicians in 2017

(January 26, 2018): From Churches to Congress, sexual harassment and assault... [Read more of this review]

Maryland Limits on Opioid Prescriptions

(June 30, 2017):  In March 2016, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention... [Read more of this review]

Cell Tower Ground Lease Renewals and Purchases

(September 15, 2015): A landowner/ground lessor considering a renewal or easement... [Read more of this review]

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