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White Collar Defense

Liles Parker attorneys actively represent corporations and individuals in connection with white collar defense, investigations, and prosecutions. A number of our attorneys have served in key positions in the Department of Justice and have served as Federal prosecutors in U.S. Attorney’s offices in Texas, Louisiana, and Virginia. While most of our work is Federal, one of our attorneys built his early career handling complex state criminal defense cases, representing defendants against a wide variety of felony charges.

Regardless of whether the allegations necessitating white collar defense relate to alleged Federal or State violations of law, our team will aggressively work to address the government’s concerns in an effort to defuse the current case so that our client will not be subjected to criminal indictment or civil suit. If white collar defense litigation is necessary, our attorneys are prepared to present the strongest defense possible for our clients.

Notably, we have also been asked to work with individuals and corporations who have been damaged by the tortuous business acts of others. As former Federal and / or State prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys, we will aggresively work to protect your interests.

Our attorneys have extensive experience conducting internal investigations, gap analyses and risk assessments for our clients, providing guidance and counsel in connection with any statutory or regulatory concerns or deficiencies that may be identified. We regularly counsel corporate clients concerning corporate compliance implementation and monitoring issues, assisting our clients with their efforts to comply with all applicable statutory and  regulatory requirements

Areas of Focus Include:

  • Responding to Federal and State Law Enforcement Concerns
  • Grand Jury Subpoenas
  • Foreign Corrupt Practice Act Violations
  • Civil Fraud Actions
  • False Claims Act – Qui Tam Actions
  • Import – Export Fraud
  • Health Care Fraud
  • Mail and Wire Fraud
  • Bank Fraud
  • Internal Investigations
  • Money Laundering
  • Obstruction of Justice Charges
  • Public Corruption
  • Bribery
  • Corporate Compliance Plan Development and Implementation
  • Other White Collar Defense Issues