Ismail (Ish) Laher



Direct: (202) 596-7863
Office: (202) 298-8750
Facsimile: (202) 337-5804

An Attorney Ismail Laher focuses on simplifying complex civil and regulatory matters for individuals and businesses alike. He also serves in the role of outside General Counsel on an as needed basis.
Mr. Laher is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Georgetown Law. He was previously associated with the Jones Day law firm in their Washington, DC office.

"ish" Ismail Laher's Practice Concentration and Experience:

Before entering private practice in the United States, Mr. Laher practiced as an Advocate and an Attorney before the highest courts in South Africa. He initially clerked in several fields of practice at Rooth & Wessels. As an Advocate, he defended many disenfranchised South Africans on public violence and other charges, as well as handled capital defense matters.

Over the years he has handled, inter alia, the following:

  • Advised professional, businesses and individuals on their strategic options.
  • Designated compliance officer for registered investment advisory and other entities.
  • Handled and resolve diverse immigration and real estate (settlement related) issues. Ensure regulatory compliance for clients with respect to laws, regulations, entry documents, source of funds and documents.
  • Represented US Banking entities in multinational banking scandal and litigation that spanned many years and involved prominent bankers and individuals worldwide. Investigate (including travel abroad) the financial dealings of numerous persons and entities to find collusion and corruption.
  • Represented DOJ official in special master inquiry for ethical and professional impropriety arising out of denaturalization of US citizen for alleged Nazi activity.
  • Represented major US Company in numerous individual and class action law suits based on tobacco usage. Assigned significant responsibility for exhibits and documents as part of trail team.
  • Reported to managing partner on efforts to develop a case management facility to ensure co-coordinated usage of resources in complex litigation matters.
  • Represented physician in connection with investigations and disciplinary actions taken by state medical practice boards and Federal Agency.
  • Served as outside General Counsel to medical practices, government contractor and businesses.
  • Represented international bank in connection with fraud investigation conducted by the Department of Justice.
  • Represented individual and corporate employers re immigration compliance issues and addressing concerns raised by the USCIS and ICE.
  • Managed large document productions on behalf of corporate clients in response to Department of Justice, state and federal agency subpoenas.
  • Advised investors and investment companies with respect to immigration options to the US and the possible impact of fraud enforcement activities.

Ish can be reached directly at 202-596-7863 or at ext 111 at the office 202-298-8750.