Sample Testimonials & Instances of “Success”

Sample of feedback we get

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you, thank Mr. Liles and Mr. Laher who has (been) exceptionally kind and gracious towards me in guiding and advising me. Your professionalism has been exceptional…….I will make sure that I spread the word around about your office and how wonderful all you folks are.”



Sample Instances of “SUCCESS” While each client and each case of the firm is unique, we are setting out below a representative sampling of some of the types of matters we have successfully handled. Names, Location, and specific details have been omitted or changed to preserve client identity.  (Please be aware that any success in a previous case is no guarantee of a successful outcome in a a future success)


  • Successfully defended chiropractic practice in Medicare enrollment dispute with CMS.
  • Argued multiple adverse home health claim determinations before Administrative Law Judges and received favorable decisions
  • Successfully challenged extrapolated Medicare overpayment claim for a chiropractic clinic


  • Represented dental practice before the State Board of Dentistry to demonstrate compliance with state regulations

Peer Review/Board

  • Represented various providers, including ophthalmologists, physician assistants, and pain management physicians  before the Virginia Board of Medicine in response
  • Successfully settled patient abandonment allegations filed against an emergency room physician with a large hospital center’s Peer Review Committee


  • Favorably resolved Medicaid exclusion action for a radiology provider
  • Represented pain management physician before the State Board of Medicine in license termination action – favorable result.

Revalidation   – The takeaway is that where there is a gap in Medicare billing privileges, it is often worth the while to appeal those and try to get the gap reduced or eliminated.

  • A urology group had an issue with the revalidation of its Medicare enrollment that resulted in a 6 day gap in billing privileges. We were engaged to handle the second level enrollment appeal. We successfully negotiated the elimination of the 6 day gap and the the physician group recovered approximately $80K in Medicare revenue.
  • A chiropractic group in  had issues with its Medicare revalidation application that resulted in a gap in billing privileges. We were engaged to handle the appeal. We successfully negotiated a reduction in the billing privilege gap by half.