Home Health Pre-Claim Review Demonstration Project Update!

Pre-Claim Review Demonstration(September 20, 2016): On August 3, 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) implemented its “Pre-Claim Review Demonstration” project in Illinois. This demonstration project effectively requires that Illinois home health agencies submit home health claims for review by the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) or face possible penalties (and be forced to have the claim evaluated through the pre-payment process). As part of the pre-demonstration project, home health agencies are required to submit a complete set of medical records which show that the claim at issue is associated with medically necessary services, meets applicable documentation requirements, qualifies for Medicare coverage and has been coded and billed correctly. As the demonstration project has been rolled out in Illinois, many home health agencies have experienced problems with the “affirmation” process. It has been reported that the MAC has allegedly “missed” documentation that has been submitted and that very few of the claims reviewed have been affirmed by the reviewing contractor. While CMS has not address these specific points, it has acknowledged that additional refinements in the program are required before expansion can continue. Earlier today, CMS announced that the home health pre-claim review demonstration project is temporarily being placed on hold to allow for additional provider education efforts to be conducted. These provider educational efforts are expected to focus on the main reasons that pre-claim requests have been “non-affirmed” and the documentation that is required to support a home health claim. Additional information regarding the home health pre-claim demonstration review project is set out below.

I. Background:

Section 402(a)(1)(J) of the Social Security Amendments of 1967[1] authorizes the Secretary for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to develop demonstration projects that:

“develop or demonstrate improved methods for the investigation and prosecution of fraud in the provision of care or services under the health programs established by the Social Security Act.” [2]

The home health pre-claim review demonstration project was initiated by CMS due to the increase over the last three fiscal years of improper payment rates for home health claims. On June 8, 2016, CMS announced in the Federal Register [3] that five states would be involved in this new project to collect information to compile a “baseline estimate of probable fraud in payments for home health care services in the fee-for-service [FFS] Medicare program”. These five states include Illinois, Florida, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Texas. Furthermore, the goal of the project was to assess the use of pre-claim reviews as a means of reducing Medicare FFS expenditures for home health services by reducing improper payments while maintaining or improving the quality of care experienced by the beneficiary.”[4]

II. Pre-Claim Review Demonstration Process:

Under the pre-claim review demonstration process requires home health agencies are strongly encouraged to request a preliminary confirmation of coverage by submitting home health claims and associated clinical documentation, for review after services have begun but before the final claim for services is submitted for payment. The home health pre-claim review process is designed to better help ensure that applicable medical necessity, documentation, coverage, coding and billing rules are met before a claim is submitted to Medicare for payment.

The pre-claim review process does not create new clinical home health documentation requirements. Rather, home health agencies are only required to submit the same information they currently maintain for payment. As mentioned, they will do so earlier in the process, which will help assure that all relevant coverage and clinical documentation requirements are met before the claim is submitted for payment. CMS contends that the pre-claim review process will not delay care to Medicare beneficiaries and will not alter the Medicare home health benefit.

Home health agencies in one of the five demonstration states have been advised that if they do not submit their claims through the pre-claim review process, those claims will be flagged for prepayment review and will essentially treated like an ADR. Moreover, after the first three months of the program, even if found to qualify for coverage and payment, CMS intends to reduce payment by 25% on each claim that is not submitted through the pre-claim demonstration review process.

III. Conclusion:

The decision by CMS to postpone the implementation of the pre-claim review demonstration in Florida was influenced, in large part, by the advocacy of supportive political and home health industry groups. The postponement of the pre-claim review demonstration project is a major victory for health care providers in Florida, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Texas. Unfortunately, However, the implementation of the demonstration project is inevitable so providers should continue to prepare for the impact it will have on their health care practice. The exact start dates for Florida, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Texas have yet to be announced, but the dates will be provided on CMS’ website at least 30 days in advance to the implementation. Providers can expect a staggered start beginning with Florida, which provides additional time for preparation.

Pre-Claim Review Demonstration

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