Leonard Schneider Joins Firm as Partner

Leonard Schneider has been named a Partner at Liles Parker, Attorneys & Counselors at Law.

(March 27, 2010): Liles Parker is pleased to announce that Leonard Schneider, Esq. will soon be joining our firm as Partner.  Mr. Schneider is an experienced litigator and will be a  Partner at Liles Parker and manage our new Houston office, providing our firm a greater ability to handle a wide variety of corporate, health care and administrative matters.

Mr. Schneider is an experienced administrative attorney and is well-versed in litigation matters as well.  Serving as the Assistant District Attorney in Galveston, Texas, he tried a number of felony criminal  cases, gaining valuable real-world trial experience along the way.  Mr. Schneider has also acted as City Attorney for a number of towns and cities around Texas, providing legal guidance on a number of administrative and contractual issues. In this arena, Mr. Schneider drafts and reviews contracts, monitors guidance and statements issues by city authorities, evaluates bidding and purchasing processes on construction projects and assists municipalities with the purchase of real estate. Additionally, Mr. Schneider represents cities in connection with law suits brought against them or suits they are pursuing. In this way, he is able to keep his litigation skills well-honed while developing his legal expertise in a number of other fields.

Notably, Mr. Schneider is also knowledgeable of health care administrative law practices and requirements.   He exercises an up-to-date understanding of the rules and regulations governing Federal health care programs.

Liles Parker is extremely happy to welcome Mr. Schneider to the firm. Given his broad range of corporate, criminal and administrative legal experience, we anticipate he will provide valuable insight to all of our clients while ensuring our continued commitment to quality legal services. Should you have any questions or would like to speak with Mr. Schneider about his legal services, please call our new Houston office at (713) 432-7474, or send an email to Mr. Schneider's new address: lschneider@lilesparker.com. We wish Mr. Schneider the best of luck and look forward to working with him to continue to provide our clients exceptional legal representation.

Leonard Schneider is a Partner at Liles Parker, Attorneys & Counselors at Law. While he primarily works out of the Houston office, he serves as chief litigation counsel on commercial litigation cases around the country being handled by the Firm.  Please feel free to call Mr. Schneider for a free consultation.  He can reached at: 1 (800) 475-1906.