Debt & Equity Finance

Liles Parker is a boutique law firm with unusual depth and experience in private finance. Liles Parker represents numerous capital providers in all aspects of their debt and equity finance activities, including originating, syndicating, structuring, closing, and servicing. Debt transactions range from secured senior bank-type transactions, to mezzanine, Term B and other subordinated loans. Firm attorneys are skilled in perfecting liens in the widest array of assets and property, quickly and efficiently, and in a way calculated to maximize their realizable value in the event of business distress. The firm handles private equity investments ranging from venture capital and similar early stage transactions, to second round and later stage equity capital formation. Liles Parker is knowledgeable on issues in all points in the capital raising process, and provides its clients nuanced and practical advice on routine and non-routine risks and issues. Liles Parker has experience representing a broad rang of capital providers, and addressing their specialized needs, including commercial banks, SBICs, VCOCs, REITs, RICs and BDCs. The firm takes care to conform its services to the client's internal processes and procedures. Recognizing that post-closing matters require as much thoroughness and organization as pre-closing, Liles Parker works with its clients' staff to learn their preferred procedures for outside counsel, and deliver all transaction documents, and handle other post closing matters, as and when they require. Years of deal experience have given Liles Parker attorneys a proactive approach to all closing processes, and made them skilled at handling obstacles to closing quickly and efficiently, and meeting their clients' closing schedules. The firm recognizes that in any finance transaction, for the capital provider and for the borrower or issuer, relationships can be as important as legal documents. With this in mind, the firm handles its clients' matters rigorously and with utmost care, but in a style which avoids unnecessary friction and adversarial spirit.

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