State Board of Dental Examiners Representation

In addition to ensuring that dental practices abide by all Medicare, Medicaid, and federal regulatory requirements, dentists must take care to comply with all of their respective State Board of Dental Examiners policies and procedures. Implementing and maintaining an effective Compliance Plan is a great first step to protecting yourself from a State Board of Dental Examiners investigation.

These investigations may be spurred by a patient complaint and are incredibly serious matters. If the board finds a violation, the dentist could potentially lose his or her license. The investigation and grievance process can be very time consuming and complicated and therefore dentists are recommended to retain an attorney for assistance. Experienced counsel will be able to help with the investigation, compilation of evidence, and can advise the dentist about the risks and benefits of a hearing or negotiating a settlement.

If you have received notice or are currently under investigation, Liles Parker attorneys are qualified to assist you through this stressful process. Please call us today for a free consultation: 1 (800) 475-1906.

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