State licensure issues can be a significant drain on a practice's resources if there arises a dispute regarding your medical license. Notably, concerns over state licensure can have a broad range of effects. For instance, if you lose your state license as the result of certain activities, this may qualify you to be excluded from participation in Federal healthcare programs under OIG's exclusion authority. Furthermore, state disciplinary measures related to your license could signal UPICs, RACs, and other Medicare contractors to begin an audit of your claims. And as we've previously explained, there are geographical limitations on a provider's license. If a provider treats a beneficiary in another state (or perhaps over the phone or over a social media site), this could have significant implications in a subsequent medical malpractice case. Whatever the issue, it is critical that you understand the role of your state license in your practice of medicine. At Liles Parker, we can advise and counsel you on the various ramifications of options when your state license is at issue.

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