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Health Law Articles

HIPAA Risk Assessments are Essential to Avoid Liability: Part II: Risk Analysis


Medicare Termination / Medicare Revocation Cases: Tips for Avoiding & Steps for Appealing.

  (September 16, 2014): Consider the following scenario. You own a durable medical... 

CMS Offers Labor Day “Sale” on Audit Appeals

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) decided to get involved in... 

Oncology Fraud: Michigan Oncologist Indicted for Prescribing Medically Unnecessary Chemotherapy and Other Treatment Regimens

(August 29, 2014) The American Cancer Society has estimated that 43.92% of all males... 

Peer Review Actions: How HCQIA Due Process Fails the Accused Physician

(August 31, 2014): The Healthcare Quality Improvement Act of 1986[1] (“HCQIA”,... 

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Dental Law Articles

Medicaid Dental Fraud: Is the State of Texas Partly to Blame?

(August 12, 2014):  As set out in an August 2014  report titled “Texas did... 

Investigations of Medicaid Dental Fraud in Texas

(July 1, 2014): State and federal authorities are avidly investigating and prosecuting... 

Medicaid Dental Fraud: New Hampshire Dentist Indicted on Nearly 200 Counts of Medicaid Fraud.

Dentists around the country are being audited by State MFCUs. Are your billing practices... 

Medicaid Dental Fraud: Dentist Alleged to Have “Systematically Bilked” the State in Dental Fraud Scheme.

(December 23, 2013):    A recent state audit of a Massachusetts dentist has reportedly... 

Medicare Dental Services: Take Care to Ensure that Your Hospital Outpatient Dental Services Meet Medicare’s VERY Limited Coverage Requirements Before Billing the Program.

(December 4, 2013): Generally, Medicare does not cover hospital outpatient dental... 

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Municipal Law Articles

CMS Announces RAC Audit “Pause” and Additional RAC Program Reforms

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced that... [Read more of this review]

Peddling and Soliciting, Municipal Regulations These Issues Can be Complex. Is Your City Clear on these Points?

(January 8, 2013):  As a general rule cities can regulate hawking, canvassing,... [Read more of this review]

City Contracts and Arbitration

It is recommended that cities do not agree to arbitration, either voluntarily or... [Read more of this review]

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Business & Transaction Articles

The Dangers of Keeping Medical Records in the “Cloud”

(July 3, 2014): The growing trend of storing all kinds of data in the cloud comes... [Read more of this review]

Liles Parker Attorney has Article Titled “Individual Liability in Medicare Overpayment Cases” Published in Law Journal.

Will the government seek to “pierce the corporate veil”? (October 16,... [Read more of this review]

A Recent False Claims Act Case Being Brought Against an Individual Physician has Resulted in a Record Recovery for the Government.

(February 12, 2013):  The civil False Claims Act is the primary civil enforcement... [Read more of this review]

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